Hello, we’re Treo.

We listened to what you needed, so we created MedicalChecks.

Your health will never be simple, but it can be easier.

We understand health is not the easiest thing to keep on top of. It might sound simple with advice like “eat healthy, exercise more” - but the Treo team want to take a much deeper look into the health of each individual and provide realistic health strategies.

These medical assessments may be just part of a prescription, or a medical certificate or one-off medical advice - but we are here for the long run, and we are here when you need to the support to make changes in your health.

It all starts with the MedicalChecks. An honest look at each individual using both psychological and physiological assessments, our doctors identify potential sources of imbalance and assess the risk of disease in the future.

A philosophy of health that makes sense.

We recognise both the benefits of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healing and have built a science backed ecosystem for wellness. By gathering expert doctors and skilled practitioners under one roof, we build customised plans uniquely suited to each person.

Treo is focused on one mission – to be a health service centred around the patient.

So what if all the best minds in wellness were collaborating on your health? Our integrated services mean that our members’ personalised care and evolving needs are supported by our doctors, healers and staff through open communication and collaboration.